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"Kalyna" necklace

"Kalyna" necklace


The "Kalyna" necklace is created in traditional Ukrainian style.

Comprising three rows of red jasper, red agate, and lava stone beads, the necklace exudes a bold and rich appearance. Silver details between the beads give the "Kalyna" necklace more traditional style.

The red hues of the stones symbolize the red viburnum - a deciduous shrub that grows four to five metres tall. Kalyna ("калина" - viburnum) is a symbol that has been a part of Ukrainian culture since ancient times.

This necklace has a ⌀16 mm. spring ring silver clasp, that makes it very easy to put on and take of. 

Length of the necklace - 43,5 cm.



- red agate

- red jasper

- brown lava stone

- 925 silver


The "Kalyna" necklace goes beyond being just an accessory; it is a work of art that transports its wearer to the enchanting world of Ukrainian beauty and tradition.




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