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"Zozulya" necklace

"Zozulya" necklace


The "Zozulya" necklace is created in traditional Ukrainian style.

Three rows of natural blue coral and round shell beads. Despite the three rows the necklace is very light.

The rythm of blue and white colours are inspired by the pettern on the common cuckoos' feathers.

Zozulya ("зозуля" - cuckoo bird) is one of the symbols of Ukraine. The fortune teller cuckoo announces spring and predicts how long a person will live.

This necklace has a sterling silver interlocking clasp, that makes it very easy to put on and take of. 


Length of the necklace - 45 cm.



- blue coral beads

- mother of pearl beads

- 925 silver


Own a piece of Ukrainian culture and elevate your style with the "Zozulya" necklace.

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